Grass Master

Spring Lawn Care Service – Deluxe Lawn Care Package

Having a lawn that you are proud of is no easy feat. When the snow finally melts and the ground thaws for spring it is important to get started nourishing and nurturing your lawn so that it is green in the summer. The Deluxe Lawn Care Program from Grass Master is the full package that will give your lawn what it needs to be healthy. During Spring we make sure to hit your yard with the most important treatments including pre-emergent crabgrass control, balanced lawn fertilizer – liquid + dry and broadleaf weed control.

Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

At the end of each summer and into the fall the crabgrass plant produces thousands of seeds that stay dormant during the winter and start to grow again during the early summer months. A crabgrass treatment during the early spring months will help stop the growth of crabgrass in summer by preventing the germination of the seeds during the spring. It is essential to apply crab grass control formula early to halt the growth of crabgrass before it can even begin.

Balanced Lawn Fertilizer

A balance lawn fertilizer is essential to the healthy growth of your lawn. Plants need three essential elements to grow strong; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus and potassium are generally found in adequate levels in an average yard. Nitrogen, however, is often lacking. The addition of a balanced fertilizer treatment based on your lawn’s specific needs will help your grass grow lush and strong. We can apply liquid or dry, based on your lawns needs during the spring and another dose of liquid in the summer.

Broadleaf Weed Control

Broadleaf weeds are the epitome of pests, looking for any opportunity to spring up, these leaves will find bare spots in your lawn or areas where grass is thin and will take advantage. A broadleaf weed can come in many forms like dandelions, plantains, clover, chickweed, etc. making it important to first identify if there are broadleaves in your lawn. Broadleaf weeds come in two different forms, “rosette weeds” and “creeping weeds”. Rosette weeds are weeds that have leaves radiating from a short stem. Rosette weeds are often very hard to pull out of the ground and can cover large amounts of your lawn. The second weed type is the creeping weed. These nasty plants can cover your grass and create unsightly patches. The Deluxe Lawn Care Package will treat your lawn with broadleaf weed control mix in the spring all through the summer to keep these pesky weeds down.

Taking the hassle out of lawn care

At Grass Master we know that keeping your lawn green and healthy can provide you with a lot of joy and make you proud of your home, but we also know that taking care of your lawn the correct way can be a challenge. The deluxe lawn care package takes the hassle out of lawn care. Providing you with all the treatments described above plus treatments in the fall and right before winter, you can’t go wrong with this program. Contact us today to get greener grass this summer.