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Why Local Lawn Services Are Better

Trust Grass Master for Your Lawn Care

Who better to trust for lawn care than your local lawn care experts? If you’re choosing a provider for lawn care services, there’s no better place to look than in your own backyard (not literally, but almost).

There are so many benefits in going local. Here are a few reasons why choosing a local lawn care company, such as Grass Master, is better for your lawn, your wallet and your community.

How Do I Find a Grass Expert?

If you’re considering a lawn care service, you need a company that understands the type of grass that grows in your area. Local lawn care services shine here. These are the teams that truly understand how to treat your grass and make it look beautiful.

When you’re searching “local lawn care near me,” you might find a long list of possibilities. Make sure you’re hiring a company that understands Northeast Ohio lawns – how to help your grass thrive, how to treat common issues and added services that boost your curb appeal.

What About Those “Big” Lawn Care Companies?

When it comes to lawn care, you want accessible, knowledgeable service. For large, national lawn care companies, sales is a huge focus. To meet quotas and expand business, they buy smaller, local companies. Trying to expand their territory is more important than quality.

We’re a Locally Owned and Operated Lawn Care Service

Grass Master has been owned and operated in Canal Fulton since 1981. And we’re not going anywhere! Our roots are in Northeast Ohio, as well as our people. We understand the lawn care needs of cooler grasses (which grow best here), and our focus is on providing the best service possible.

Our team is professional, efficient and experienced in all areas of lawn service and maintenance. They know how to find the best products to fit your budget. We make sure your lawn is green and healthy and that you’re happy with the results once the service and treatment is complete.

As a local lawn care company, our business growth is via word of mouth, so we know it’s important to have satisfied customers. Plus, our people really care. You won’t have difficulty reaching us if you have a question or problem. We’re happy to assist you.

Community Matters

When you choose local lawn care services, you’re keeping your dollars in your community. If you’re considering hiring a lawn service, talk to your neighbors. Or check out the testimonials on our website, and see what Grass Master customers have to say. We’re proud of our reputation, and we work to maintain it.

Ready to Improve Your Lawn?

Overall, a local lawn service is the best combination of expertise and service. Grass Master serves Northeast Ohio locations such as Canton, Cleveland, Akron, New Philadelphia, Dover and more. Contact us today to find out how Grass Master can help make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.