Grass Master

Grass Master employee with customer on lawn

Why Local Lawn Care Is Better

Who better to trust to take care of your lawn than local lawn care experts? If you’re deciding which company to take care of your lawn, there’s no better place to start looking than in your own backyard (literally). Going local rather than using the national brands helps so much more than just your lawn care. In fact, here are just a few reasons why choosing a local lawn care company, such as Grass Master, is better for your lawn, your wallet and your community:

Local Owned & Operated

Lawn care companies such as ours employ lawn care professionals who know just how to handle your lawn because they live and work in Northeast Ohio. Our lawn technicians are trained, professional, efficient, experienced in all areas of lawn service and maintenance. Not only do they know the industry, but they are knowledgeable in applying the best products offered in lawn care to fit your budget.

National Competition

For the big guys, bringing in the sales is a huge focus which means that quality isn’t their priority. In order to meet their quotas and work on expanding their business, they are buying other local lawn care companies.

Grass Master, on the other hand, has been owned and operated in Canal Fulton since 1981 (and we don’t plan to go anywhere). Our lawn technicians focus on making sure your lawn is healthy, green and that you are happy with the results long after the service and treatment is complete.

Your Community Matters

By partnering with a local company, you are giving back to your community. Those relationships and connections lead to helping your neighbors, friends and family with any lawn care needs they have on their to-do lists.

Consider talking to your neighbors because they have people they trust to get the job done efficiently and professionally – hopefully those people work for Grass Master. Check out what some of our customers have to say about the work we’ve done on their lawns and what we can do for yours.