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snow on the grass

Preventing Winter Damage

When everything’s covered in snow, lawn care isn’t top of mind. We imagine the grass is hibernating, waiting to resume its lush, green appearance in the spring. So, when the snow melts, it’s very disappointing to find lawn damage instead. A variety of things can cause lawn damage during the winter.

Prevent and Treat Winter Lawn Damage

Moles don’t hibernate, so they can spend the winter tunneling under the ground, ruining your lawn. Voles are often confused with moles, but they’re an entirely different animal. They love to dig under the snow, leaving unsightly furrows. The best way to prevent moles and voles from damaging your lawn is to use year-around repellants. It’s also a good idea to remove leaves and other debris, which adds extra cover that voles like.

Snow mold leaves round patches of damaged grass. To prevent snow mold, keep your lawn trimmed up until the first frost and rake any leaves. If there are several heavy snows before the ground has time to freeze, snow mold is more likely.

Salt prevents ice accumulation, but it’s no friend to your lawn. Try to keep salt off your grass during the winter. For areas close to the road, a snow fence can help. There are alternatives to rock salt (sodium chloride) that are more lawn-friendly, such as calcium chloride or sand. Or, just try cutting back on the quantity of salt you use.

If spring reveals your lawn to be less than you hoped, Grass Master can get you back on track.

For patchy areas in your lawn, we offer reseeding, using a high-grade, weed-free mix. Reseeding over existing grass fills in thin or bare spots in your lawn and provides an overall healthier appearance. We also recommend aerating your lawn before reseeding. Core aeration helps beneficial air, water and nutrients reach the roots.

For pest control, Grass Master can consult with you on the best way to remove voles and moles from your lawn. During the spring, summer and fall months we offer a mole-control product that’s 100 percent natural, non-hazardous and completely safe for children, pets and plants to keep your lawn healthy during the winter months.

If your lawn suffers winter damage, call us at 1-888-473-3637 to find out how Grass Master can bring your lawn back to life.