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The Importance of Lawn Aeration

Schedule Lawn Aeration Service with the Landscaping Pros at Grass Master Have you considered lawn aeration? You may be wondering if it’s worth it to aerate your lawn. Grass Master recommends aeration to improve the health of your grass. Here’s why. What is Lawn Aeration Lawn aeration is the process of making small holes in …

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How to Spot Grub Damage to Your Lawn

What does grub damage look like in a lawn? Well, if your lawn is sporting some less-than-attractive grass, it could be grubs. Grubs are the larvae of common bugs found in Ohio, such as June beetles (or June bugs) and Japanese beetles. These small, C-shaped worms can do large-scale damage. If you have grub damage …

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How to Use Fungicide on Your Lawn

If you’ve noticed brown spots or white powdered areas of your lawn – you might have fungus. To avoid further damage, an online search might lead you to information regarding fungicide. What is fungicide, and what is the best fungicide for your lawn? What causes lawn fungus? Before we consider what fungicides to use, let’s …

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What are Fungicides?

Fungus can be the unfortunate factor standing between you and a healthy lawn. Lawn fungus takes many forms, with unsightly results. Some of the common types of lawn fungus include summer patch, fairy ring, powdery mildew, pythium blight, brown patch, gray snow mold, red thread, dollar spot and rust diseases. To determine what is affecting …

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How to Prevent and Kill Grubs

Imagine there’s an invisible enemy of your yard, destroying your grass from underground. Sounds terrible, right? It could be happening, in the form of small, caterpillar-like creatures called grubs. What are grubs? Grubs are beetle larvae. In Ohio, June beetles (sometimes called June bugs), May beetles and Japanese beetles are common pests. All begin as …

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