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Protect Your Lawn and Your Family from Flea and Tick-Transmitted Diseases in Northeast Ohio: Tips from Grass Master

A mild winter can spell trouble with fleas and ticks. In Northeast Ohio, these pesky insects become active from February through December. Fleas and ticks are not just an enemy of your pets, they can transmit disease to humans. You want to ensure a flea-free and tick-free lawn so all members of your family – human and animal – can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest this year.  

Also concerning – fleas and ticks can lay up to 3,000 eggs at one time! Contrary to what many believe, even rain cannot rid your lawn of fleas and ticks. They thrive in wet weather and in soggy, damp lawn conditions.

The Trouble with Fleas

Most pet owners are always battling fleas. It’s important to use flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats, which can be obtained through your veterinarian. But you should take the extra step and protect your yard.  

Many people ask: do fleas carry disease? The answer is yes! Fleas can carry a number of diseases they can transmit to both animals and humans. Flea-borne diseases include plague, flea-borne typhus and cat scratch disease. Furthermore, flea-borne parasites can be transmitted to people if they accidentally swallow an infected flea. A tapeworm is one example of a flea-borne parasite.

The Trouble with Ticks

Ticks are a known concern for humans. Ticks can carry Lyme Disease and a host of other lesser-known tick-borne diseases. Other tick-borne diseases include Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a rare, but deadly disease called Powassan Virus, anaplasmosis and more.  

While there are a variety of options to protect pets from ticks, you still need to be vigilant and know what to look for and how to remove a tick.

Steps to Reduce Fleas and Ticks

Obviously, you want to do everything you can to protect your family from these pests. Some of the simple things you can do are: 

  • Keep your grass shorter, which will reduce the chance of fleas and ticks invading your yard. 
  • Remove debris and grass clippings that can attract fleas and ticks.  

If you really want to take the best steps toward a flea-free and tick-free lawn, then a yard treatment program is the way to go. You need an expert in preventative and curative applications, who can give you the best advice as well as apply the products precisely, so you benefit from the full effect.

Flea and Tick Program from Grass Master

Grass Master can help you keep fleas and ticks away from your yard with our professional flea and tick lawn treatment program. This program includes five timely visits (up to six, if needed), applied very six – eight weeks.   

This lawn application serves as flea and tick prevention or as a treatment for flea and tick infestations.  

If you’re interested in lawn flea treatment and lawn tick treatment, Grass Master has you covered. Contact us to learn more about our available lawn care services and look forward to a wonderful season outdoors! 

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