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If you enjoy working outdoors, Grass Master has open positions for lawn technicians. We’re a locally-owned and operated Northeast Ohio business providing lawn care programs designed specifically for the grass and weather conditions of this region.

We’re the experts in lawn care treatments, and our lawn technicians have the training to address concerns and provide regular treatments that help our customers have the best lawn possible.

What Is a Lawn Technician?

Lawn technicians at Grass Master provide lawn care to our customers with the application of fertilizers, weed control products, pre-emergents and herbicides. If you want a job where you can manage your own route and work independently, Grass Master will train you to become one of our knowledgeable lawn technicians.

The responsibilities of lawn technicians include:

  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction

Qualifications for Lawn Technicians at Grass Master

We train all our lawn technicians, so you do not need any prior expertise or experience. The qualifications necessary to apply for lawn care jobs at Grass Master are:

  • Ability to execute tasks in a systematic manner
  • Great listening skills, so you can provide the right solutions to our customers
  • Ability to work in outdoor conditions
  • A clean driving record

Benefits of Working as a Lawn Technician

Grass Master lawn technicians can be paid either hourly or salary. All lawn technician positions include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Paid vacation time
  • Retirement program availability
  • Bonuses

What Our Team Members Say

Would you like to be part of a team that enjoys what they do? Our lawn technicians are certified experts in their field, and they have a job satisfaction that comes with providing solutions for our customers’ lawn care needs.

Want to know what it’s like working at Grass Master? Hear what our current team members have to say.

If you enjoy working outside, Grass Master gives you the perfect “office.” Donald Nesbitt says he loves working outside, and he really enjoys seeing the green weed-free lawns.”

Donald also likes having a job where he can work independently. He says, “I enjoy growing my route. I also enjoy talking to my customers and being my own boss.”

Michael Dean echoes this feeling, talking about how the company gives him what he needs to be successful.

“When I started with Grass Master more than ten years ago, I knew it was a company where I would have the opportunity to grow as a professional. I came to Grass Master with no background in the lawn care industry at all. With so many opportunities to continue to learn and develop, I have turned a job into a career,” he says.

Michael also talks about how Grass Master helps him achieve work/life balance.

“This really sets Grass Master apart, and it’s great for everyone, especially young families. I would recommend anyone looking for a new career or change of direction to join the Grass Master team,” he says.

For Steve Drabek, working at Grass Master means he looks forward to coming to work.

“In my 21 years at Grass Master, I have never woken up in the morning dreading to come to work like previous jobs. In fact, most days I’m excited to get a start on my day,” says Steve. “From management to the customers, I can’t think of many better ways to spend an eight-hour work day than at Grass Master.”

Being a valued member of a team is what Michael Clark enjoys.

“At Grass Master you aren’t treated like just another employee. From management to the office staff, someone is always available to help create an excellent balance of independence and support. Hard work and dedication is always acknowledged in a way that makes you feel valued and part of the Grass Master team,” he says. “I love my job here.”

Consider Lawn Care Career Opportunities

If you’re looking for lawn care jobs near me, try Grass Master. We give you a supportive team, a chance to manage your own work, great benefits and the satisfaction of helping people achieve a beautiful yard. Apply for a lawn technician job at Grass Master.

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