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The Best Yearly Schedule for Lawn Care in Northeast Ohio

If you want to find the best yearly schedule for lawn care in Northeast Ohio – one that will give your grass what it needs at precisely the right time – we can help. Grass Master understands the needs of the cool season grasses that thrive here.

We’re the experts in lawn care treatments, and our lawn technicians have the training to address concerns and provide regular treatments that help our customers have the best lawn possible.

Annual Lawn Care Schedules

For a beautiful lawn, following an annual lawn care schedule just makes sense. Giving your grass regular doses of fertilization supports the health of your lawn throughout Ohio’s four distinct seasons.

Some people assume spring is the only time you need to fertilize your lawn. While spring fertilization offers many benefits, your grass benefits from additional doses, spaced correctly, to help it fend off the ravages of weather.

When Should I Fertilize My Lawn in Northeast Ohio?

People often ask: how many times a year should you fertilize your lawn in Ohio? What are the best times to apply fertilizer?

The best fertilization schedule includes treatments spaced out throughout the year.

Spring is the season most people think of when you talk about fertilization. Spring is a good time to apply a fertilizer. It’s the boost your grass needs as it enters the growing season. But spring is hardly the only time to add fertilizer to your lawn.

Fall fertilizer is one of the best ways to ensure healthy grass in the spring, so it should be part of your regular fall lawn maintenance. Fall fertilization benefits the heath of your lawn by providing nutrients it can store. These nutrients help it grow in the spring, and they replenish your lawn after the hot, dry summer. A good fertilizer application encourages the growth of strong roots that can withstand the cold and ice of winter.

Routine summer lawn maintenance also should include fertilizer. Fertilization in the summer gives your lawn what it needs for the roots to thrive and fend off heat and drought.

Lastly, a winter fertilizer application is another important step in maintaining a lush, green lawn. There are specific fertilizers made for winter called “winterizers.” A winterizer is a high nitrogen-content fertilizer that helps the grass to store as much nutrition as possible.

Regular Fertilization from Grass Master

The Deluxe Lawn Care Program from Grass Master gives you six lawn treatments, spread out precisely to keep your lawn healthy through all four seasons in Ohio. This fertilization package begins in the spring when the weeds begin to germinate and ends when the grass goes dormant in the late fall. We develop a personalized plan for your lawn and then base these six treatments on our recommendations.

The first round of fertilization begins in the spring, to help ensure healthy and weed-free grass. This treatment includes a pre-emergent crabgrass control product and broadleaf weed control, in addition to a perfectly balanced lawn fertilizer.

Grass Master applies lawn fertilizer twice during the summer, at intervals determined by our expert lawn technicians. We know exactly when to apply it and the right components for the best summer lawn fertilizer ingredients. Summer lawn fertilization is applied once between May and June and then once again between July and August. The mid-summer fertilization includes a treatment to help control insects.

The fourth fertilizer treatment of the year is a late summer boost, applied sometime between August and September. The fifth round is your fall fertilizer, which we apply between September and October.

The Deluxe Program concludes with winter lawn maintenance, which includes the application of a special fertilizer just for this season. This winterizing fertilizer helps your grass absorb nutrients, which are stored in the roots until the spring.

Upgrade Your Lawn Care

A good lawn maintenance schedule, such as the one Grass Master offers through the Deluxe Lawn Care Program, gives your grass the best opportunity to stay healthy and strong.

If you want a beautiful lawn, you need a regular lawn care schedule that includes the right fertilizers for Northeast Ohio. You’ll find the best lawn care services from your locally owned Grass Master. Contact us today.

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