Grass Master

Lawn Watering Tips

It's obvious that your lawn needs water to survive. But just how much water does it need? The answer may surprise you.

How often should I water my yard?

Even during hot weather and droughts, you only need to water your grass every two to three days. Your grass is more resilient than you think, especially if it’s native to your region. Even if your grass appears brown and dead, it will bounce back after it receives water again. 

Watering your yard every day can result in shallow roots and make your grass more dependent on water and susceptible to disease. 

How much water should I use?

Your lawn typically requires an inch of water per day. So about 20 minutes of watering every few days should do the trick. You can even put a measuring cup out to get a more exact idea of how much water your yard has received. Remember – rain counts toward watering your grass, so adjust accordingly depending on the weather.

When is the best time to water my lawn?

It’s best to water your yard early in the morning. Mid-day watering is inefficient as hot temperatures and sun cause more water to evaporate, and overnight watering can result in unwanted mold and fungus growth.

The best tip we can give you is to water less. This will save you money, and your lawn will be healthier for it. Grass is more resilient than flowers and shrubs and can survive on less water. 

Still have questions about watering your lawn? Let the experts at Grass Master give you a hand!