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Winterizing Fertilizer Preps Your Lawn for Spring

If you want to see your lawn looking its best in the spring, a winterizing fertilizer could help you obtain that goal. Winterizer contains different components from regular fertilizer, designed to help your lawn not only survive the winter, but thrive once spring comes.

Winterizer vs Regular Fertilizer

Winterizers differ from regular fertilizers in that they contain more nitrogen. Nitrogen is stored in the root system of the grass and releases in the spring. This composition makes greener grass as it comes out of dormancy. The nitrogen also protects the grass through the winter months and helps to prevent lawn diseases such as snow mold.

When to Apply

It’s not too late to apply your winterizer. This special fertilizer can be applied up until the grass goes into dormancy, or – in this area – through the end of November. We recommend applying winterizer anywhere from mid-October through November.

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