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Why You Should Service your Lawn Mower Before Spring

Imagine it’s spring. You pull out your lawn mower for the first mow of the season… and it doesn’t start.


Don’t let this happen to you! No one wants to have their mower out of service in the spring; the lawn growing while they wait for a repair. Spring lawn mower maintenance should begin in the fall. By servicing your lawn mower in the fall, you can be confident that when you wheel it out next spring, it will be ready to run. 

Here's why lawn mower maintenance is important.

Servicing your lawn mower regularly has the benefit of helping you maintain your machinery for the long haul. Mowers are expensive, so yearly lawn mower maintenance makes good financial sense. A well-maintained mower will run longer and be more effective. And by keeping up on maintenance before your store your mower for winter, you can get a jump start on early spring lawn care without any hassles.


Let’s get your lawn mower ready for spring!

Review our lawn mower maintenance checklist.

Getting your lawn mower ready for the first mow of the spring can start before you store your mower away for the winter. What is needed for proper lawn mower maintenance?

·         Check Your Owner’s Manual

Before doing any lawn mower maintenance, make sure all safety efforts have been taken and that you understand your equipment. Disconnect or remove the spark plug. Read your owner’s manual for any precautions. Make sure you understand what you’re doing, so you don’t damage anything.

If you need help, find a professional to handle your lawn mower maintenance.

·         Inspect Your Mower Blade

If your mower blades are dull, you won’t be able to cut your grass well. Check your lawn mower blades to see if they are still sharp. If not, remove the blades and then sharpen the blade or replace as needed.

·         Clean the Mower Deck

Caked-on, imbedded grass and mud in your mower deck can keep it from operating correctly. At the end of the season, if you have not periodically done so, remove any caked-on grass from the mower deck. If the grass is really stuck to the mower deck, try using a garden hose to wet the underside. This can allow you to loosen and then remove the debris.

·         Change the Spark Plug

Most lawn mowers should have the spark plug changed before the start of every season. If you have trouble starting your mower, or you feel that you are losing your fuel efficiency, it could mean your mower has a bad spark plug. Be sure to check the owner’s manual to find out which spark plug you need for your specific mower. And don’t forget – safety first! Read online or in the lawn mower manual how to remove the spark plug and replace with a new one.    

·         Run It Dry

Many manufacturers suggest you run the mower out of gas before storing for the winter. That way, you can start with a full fresh tank of gas in the spring. Other manufacturers suggest topping off your lawn mower gas tank instead. For best results, check your lawn mower owner’s manual to determine the suggested procedure for your equipment.

·         Change the Mower’s Oil

Or top it off. These are two options that are often recommended. By changing the engine oil before storing your lawn mower, you can protect it from corrosion. Again, for specific instructions for your mower, check your owner’s manual. Some lawn mowers recommend topping off the oil, rather than completely changing it.

·         Clean or Replace the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can hamper your lawn mower’s ability to do its job. Your mower can’t run on full power with a dirty air filter. It is a good idea to check and replace the filter at the end of the season. Not sure what filter you need? Remove the current one and take it with you to the store.

Follow this checklist and you can rest easy this winter, knowing your mower is ready for spring lawn mowing! For some lawncare tips for spring, see our spring lawncare steps.

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