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How Core Aeration Treats Your Lawn Without Chemicals

Core aeration is a great way to get oxygen and nutrients to roots without chemicals. Periodic, regular core aeration breaks up compacted soil and reduces thatch, allowing your other lawn care treatments to work better.

How Core aeration works

Core aeration is the process of removing “cores” from your lawn. These cores are plugs of soil, thatch, and grass that are pulled from the soil at regular intervals. By removing these cores, you create more space at the roots, which lets water and oxygen reach them better.

As an added bonus, core aeration also removes the thatch that makes it tough for air and water to penetrate to the soil below. In fact, the spaces created by the core aeration process tend to help with problems like puddling, since the water can now soak in to the earth better. And there’s no need to pick up the plugs that were removed—they break down naturally, providing additional benefits to the lawn below.

When to perform core areation

We recommend you schedule core aeration for the fall, as this gives your lawn ample time to recover before winter, yet discourages weed seeds from taking root. However, it’s better to core aerate your lawn if it needs it than wait a year or more for this important lawn care task just to hit the recommended season.

To make it easier on yourself, we recommend signing up for a lawn care package, such as our Deluxe care package, with regularly scheduled core aeration service. Professionals are able to perform core aeration swiftly, efficiently, and most importantly properly to avoid damage to your existing lawn.

Core aeration boosts your other treatments

A properly aerated lawn can “breathe” and better accept the other care and treatments you apply. If the soil is too compacted and the thatch is too thick, even natural and organic fertilizer will have a difficult time penetrating to the roots. With core aeration, your lawn care will be more efficient and more effective, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Schedule your core aeration with the pros

The experts at GrassMaster can tailor a lawn care program to your property’s specific needs. Contact us to schedule your core aeration service and add a lawn care package, too.

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