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Why Should I Continue Lawn Care When My Lawn Looks Good?

Regular fertilization is key to keeping your lawn in top shape. Each application helps shore up the root system for continued healthy growth.

An optimal fertilization schedule is one that’s regular, so with each new season, your lawn’s prepared to thrive. If your lawn care service has your lawn looking beautiful, don’t stop your lawn treatments. It’s the cycle of preemptive care that made it that way!

Regular Treatment Benefits

Most lawn experts recommend fertilizing in early spring, late spring, summer and fall.

  • Spring
    Spring fertilizer application, along with weed control, helps your lawn grow strong and weed-free. A follow-up application in late spring further fortifies this growth process.
  • Summer
    With sun and often drought, summer can be hard on your lawn. Applications of fertilizer and insect control reduce damage and maintain health.
  • Fall
    Winterizing fertilizer is a high-nitrogen formula, applied in the fall. It helps grass store more food and nutrients to survive the winter.

With Grass Master’s Deluxe Lawn Care Program, you get six visits, spaced appropriately, to apply fertilizer, insect control, pre-emergent crabgrass treatment and winterizer. This regular routine of lawn care means your grass is always prepared for seasonal changes and challenges.

Your lawn may look great now, but that doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Keep your lawn looking great all year round with our Deluxe Lawn Care Package. For information on Grass Master services, contact us.