Grass Master

Your Guide to Leaf Clean-Up

The beautiful fall colors and changing leaves means fall is officially here in Ohio…and that also means raking, bagging, and cleaning up leaves in your yard before the snow flies. Fall clean-up can be a hassle, but don’t let leaves drag you down. Grass Master can help you make the most of your clean-up with these tips.


Before you start raking leaves, make sure you have the right tool for the job.  A bigger rake with a wider head can make quick work of even the biggest pile of leaves.  Non-clogging rakes with tines that don’t skewer leaves can also make things faster and easier

Leaf Blowing

A leaf blower can cut down on the time it takes to clear leaves from your yard and make it easy to clean around shrubs and landscaping.  Don’t forget to wear eye and hearing protection to operate your blower safely. Leaf blowers can stir up rocks, dirt and debris, and produce noise levels up to 100 decibels.


The toughest part of leaf clean-up is getting all those leaves into bags to haul away.  By using a large tarp or a specialized leaf transport bag, you can haul away a trailer-sized load in one bag.  Or skip the bags completely and let us haul the leaves away for you.  Just rake or blow the leaves to the curb and our crew will arrive with a vacuum truck to remove the leaf piles for you.


Skip the rake and use your mower to mulch leaves into compost.  Mulched leaves can be used to protect perennial plants and flowers through the winter months or spread thinly on your lawn as a fertilizer.  Put your mower blade on its highest setting and use a bag attachment to make clean-up simple.

We recommend weekly clean-up of leaves to minimize damage to your lawn and prevent mold from forming.  If none of these options sound very fun, let us do the work for you with full-service leaf clean-up.  Call us today at 1-888-473-3637  and we’ll take care of the rest.