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Karcher_Deluxe Lawn Care Service Testimonial

Why Organic Lawn Care

Organic is the current craze right now; organic beef, chicken, fruit, vegetables and even organic skin care products, organic is everywhere! The organic craze is not only prevalent in the food and beauty business, it has even taken hold in the lawn care world.

How can my lawn care be organic?

That is a good question, and the answer is a very simple one. When Grass Master treats your lawn with our organic lawn fertilizer program, the fertilizer used comes 100% from natural ingredients derived from all-natural sources including; feather, bone, meat, fish, poultry and blood meal.

Benefits of organic

Organic lawn care has a variety of benefits, the first being that the ingredients used are from the earth and are put back into the earth to create new life, which we think is pretty cool. In addition to the reusability and environmentally conscious aspect of organic lawn care, organic can provide benefits to the health of your lawn. The Grass Master organic lawn care program is a year-round program that is designed to build up heat tolerance and improve the soil structure of your lawn. When applied, the organic substances lower the salt index and decrease the chance of your lawn being burnt during the heat of the summer. In addition to this, the consistent application of organic fertilizer improves the strength of your grass over time. Many lawns become reliant on fertilizer treatments year after year requiring constant up keep and a lot of watering. Application of organic fertilizer over time strengthens your lawn and makes your life a little bit easier.

What you get

When you sign up for the organic lawn care program from Grass Master you get six applications over the year. In addition to this we offer spot treatments for weeds upon request. However, over time the weeds in your lawn will decrease as the turf thickens and becomes naturally strong and healthy.

Are you ready to go organic?

Created from natural sources, Grass Master’s organic lawn fertilizer program can strengthen your lawn in just six applications. If you have any questions about the organic lawn care program or you are ready to get started, go ahead and schedule your treatment, give us a call at 1-888-GREENER or contact us online today.