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For Your Best Lawn, Remove Fallen Leaves

The blanket of leaves on your lawn might be beautiful, but it’s not doing your grass any favors. Leaves lay on top of your lawn, blocking sunlight and trapping moisture, which isn’t good for the health of your grass. You’re also risking diseases such as snow mold, resulting in round patches of matted grass. Snow mold can kill the actual grass roots or affect the blades. Either way, the result is a less-than-lush lawn when the snow melts.

How to remove leaves

The best means of leaf removal depends on your typical volume of leaves. A rake, while a tiresome way to remove large amounts of leaves, works for less-treed lawns. You can rake leaves into compost piles where they decompose for use as organic fertilizer.

With a leaf blower, you can blow the leaves into one place to bag or compost. Mulching mowers are good for larger lawns. They shred the leaves into very small pieces, so they become fertilizing organic matter for your lawn.

When to remove leaves

If you have a heavy and thick leaf layer, with larger leaves such as oak, you’ll want to remove them fairly quickly. A heavy mat of leaves will do a better job blocking light and trapping water, which means damage to your lawn occurs faster.

If you have less leaves, you won’t have to do removal as often, but again, you’ll want to keep them off the grass to maintain optimal lawn health.

Let Grass Master help

Grass Master can handle all of your leaf removal needs. We offer curbside leaf vacuum pick up. You simply rake or blow your leaves to the curb, and our clean-up crew arrives with a vacuum truck and removes the piles.

With our full-service leaf removal, a Grass Master crew removes leaves and other debris from your lawn, window wells, porches, decks and flower beds. The leaves are then removed from your property, leaving your lawn manicured and clean.

Call us today at 1-888-473-3637 to talk about how we can help with your leaf removal needs.