Grass Master

Nutsedge weed with a yellowish seed head and thin, light green leaves that come to a point and give the grass weed a distinctive V shape

Nutsedge Identification

Have you been seeing this “weed” popping up in your lawn in the summer? If so, you are dealing with a unique plant from the sedge family of plants called Nutsedge, and it is neither a grass, nor a weed.

How to Treat Nutsedge

Nutsedge requires treatment above and beyond that of traditional broadleaf weed control products to achieve any level of suppression of the plant, and there is now an effective treatment option available to you.

We do not recommend pulling Nutsedge. PULLING WILL LEAD TO ADDITIONAL PLANTS.

There are two very important steps that you, the homeowner must do to aid in the effectiveness of the Nutsedge treatment

  1. Lawn must be not be mowed for 3-5 days PRIOR to the application, to ensure there is leaf tissue for the product to thoroughly contact.
  2. DO NOT mow the treated area for a minimum of 3 days after application. The product must be allowed ample time to absorb in to the plant and move to the roots system.

If you are seeing Nutsedge in your lawn, contact us to schedule an evaluation and a quote today!!!