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Tree and Shrubs

Tree & Shrub Program: Protection from Insects, Diseases and More

When it comes to lawn care, most people focus on their lawn. Mowing, fertilizing and leaf removal are important, but you need to take care of your trees and shrubs too.

Starting in March or April, our tree and shrub program consists of our licensed specialists visiting every 6-8 weeks. Monitoring all season long, we give your trees and shrubs six applications to help them become (and stay) insect- and disease-free.

What Can Our Tree and Shrub Services Help With?

Insect Control
From centipedes and ants to mites and eggs, we have insect treatments to cure of and prevent pests as well as protect from dormant bugs from the previous season. Learn more about tree and shrub insect control.

Disease Control
With our curable methods, we can control trees and plants that are prone to diseases. Learn about tree disease control.

Deep Root Feeding
Help your tree roots recover and prepare for the new season with deep root feeding injections. Learn more about our deep root fertilization service.

Birch Protection
Does your property have Birch trees? Check out our three-step application program to give your Birches a long and beautiful life.

Interested in our tree and shrub care program? Contact us with any questions and to sign up for this program before spring arrives.