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Benefits of Using Our Deluxe Lawn Care Program Annually

From March until November, our Deluxe Lawn Care Program provides free service calls, personalized lawn recommendations and six applications to help with weeds, fertilizer, grub control and mulching. So once you’ve used this program once, you’re good to go, right? Wrong.

The Deluxe Lawn Care Program isn’t meant to be a one-and-done service. Each application helps your lawn grow stronger and protect itself from the constantly changing weather that Northeast Ohio brings us each year. Why use this lawn care program each year after you’ve used it once?

One Less Chore (or five) for You to Worry About

Mulching, fertilizer, ticks, weeds, moles, overseeding, aeration – the list goes on. There are so many tasks that go into lawn care. Who has the time in their busy schedule to make sure it all gets taken care of?

By signing up for this lawn care program, you only have one lawn care chore to worry about each year – calling Grass Master at the end of the year to set it up for the next year.

Less Stress About What You Need to Apply Each Season

Who knows how to take care of fleas and ticks? Do you know what aeration is? How do you handle overseeding?

Lawn care is more than just mowing and mulching. So how are you going to handle an extremely hot summer or if moles appear? When you have professionals that are trained in tackling all lawn care maintenance issues, you’ll be stress-free enjoying your lawn rather than worrying about it.

It’s More Cost-Efficient Compared to Individual Services

Just like when you by a combo meal at a fast food restaurant, you get more than what you paid for with the Deluxe Lawn Care Program. You may think your lawn may only needs weeding and fertilization, but there is always room for improvement. Our lawn care technicians will inspect your yard, determine what applications are needed, then stop by and apply what is necessary throughout the year.

Save time and money (and be less stressed) when utilizing Grass Master’s Deluxe Lawn Care Program each year. Learn more about the benefits by talking with us today! Let our trained service technicians help make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood. If you’ve used our Deluxe Lawn Care Program before or are interested in trying it out, contact us with any questions or request an estimate to get set up before winter hits.