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Learn About Special Services Available with Lawn Care Programs

Fleas, droughts, moles… There are so many unexpected problems that we have to deal with to keep our lawns looking green and staying healthy.

Here at Grass Master, we have a variety of specialized lawn treatment services that go beyond our lawn care programs. From pruning and mole control to leaf removal and insect shields, these lawn care services will take care of all the needs your lawn may have.

Unwanted Bugs & Critters

Home Foundation Insect Shield
If the perimeter of your house is having pest problems, this four-step application process will shield your home from spiders, ants, mites and more. Learn about our insect shield lawn care service.

Mole Control
As one of the few lawn care companies in Ohio that offers mole control, we can help repel and eradicate moles so your lawn will be dirt pile-free. Learn more about our mole control products.

Grub Control
Don’t let grubs feed on your roots and damage your entire yard. Protect your lawn this spring through next spring with our grub control service.

Flea & Tick Program
When your pets are playing outside, you don’t want to have to worry about fleas and ticks coming inside with them. Learn how our professional flea and tick lawn care program can protect your lawn in just four to six visits.

If your lawn experiences one or many of the above issues, consider our deluxe lawn care program to keep your lawn healthy and green all year long.

Sprucing Up the Landscape

Help your bushes and shrubs reach their maximum potential with seasonal pruning. Find out if your home qualifies for this special pruning service.

Protect your tree and shrub beds from weeds and drying out with mulch from Grass Master. Check out all the shades we offer with our mulching lawn service.

For lawns that require both pruning and mulching services, we recommend our mowing and maintenance lawn care program to keep your lawn looking its best all year.

Moss Control
Keep walkways, benches and outdoor nurseries free of moss, liverwort and algae. Find out more about our environment-friendly moss control service.

Core Aeration
Is your lawn suffering from thatch control or compact soil? Help your lawn breathe and receive the nutrients it needs with our core aeration lawn care service.

Lawn Overseeding Services
Typically paired with core aeration, this lawn care service will give your grass more life by filling thin or bare spots in your lawn. Learn more about our lawn overseeding services.

Leaf Clean-Up & Removal
Whether you enjoy raking or want nothing to do with cleaning up leaves, our leaf clean-up and removal service will help keep your landscape leaf-free each fall.

Does your lawn need one (or more) of Grass Master’s specialty lawn care services? Learn about our deluxe lawn care program or contact us today to help you get the lawn of your dreams.

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