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Answers for Summer-Weary Lawns

By the end of summer, many lawns are starting to show the results of the hot weather. The sun, lack of rain and wear and tear of summer activities can start to take their toll.

If your lawn is looking a little weary, now is a good time for the right treatment.

Drought Recovery

Unrelenting hot summers can result in dry, brown, crunchy grass. It’s not uncommon in Ohio to go long stretches without much rain. Coupled with high temperatures, this often results in some scorching.

Heat from the sun combined with the lack of moisture causes grass to go dormant. Lawns can survive a drought, but taking the right steps at the end of summer goes a long way toward helping your lawn recover its lush, green appearance. This is where drought recovery treatment can make a real difference.

Lawn Rejuvenation

Even after a relatively wet summer, lawns can look a bit bedraggled. The constant wear and tear of summer use along with the heat of the sun can begin to show up in bare patches or straggly sections. If you had a small pool set up, you know what the grass looks like when it’s time to take it down. Or perhaps your kids and pets have worn paths through the yard in various locations.

Whatever the cause, if your lawn’s not as full as you’d like, end of summer rejuvenation can give your lawn the boost it needs to regain its health.

Revive Your Lawn

If you take the right steps, you can help your lawn recover from drought or summer wear. At Grass Master, we have experienced technicians who can give your grass what it needs to resume full health.

We recommend a combination of core aeration and overseeding. With the addition of the right fertilizer, this treatment can bring your lawn back. The core aeration makes holes in regular intervals throughout the lawn. This process allows the grass roots to get the nutrients and water they need for optimal growth. Overseeding, followed by fertilizer, helps new grass growth, promoting a fuller, healthier lawn.

If your lawn needs end of summer care, contact us to discuss what Grass Master can do for you.

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