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How can I stop moles from destroying my lawn?

Have you ever stepped outside only to be greeted with little mounds of dirt peeking out of your lawn? If so, you know a mole is making himself at home.

Damage inflicted by moles goes more than surface deep. Besides leaving unsightly dirt piles and tunnels through your lawn, moles can damage roots and the health of your grass, plants and trees.

How Do Moles Damage a Lawn?

Moles live underground – you’ll rarely see them. But they are quite busy, digging and clawing through the dirt in search of larvae and other insects to eat. It’s this digging that disrupts plant, tree and grass roots, leading to damage you’ll eventually see on the surface.

Grass, tree roots, flower beds – all can be damaged by the work of just one industrious mole who selected your yard for his digging ground.

Warmer months are the optimal time for mole damage. Moles don’t hibernate, but they do take their digging to lower ground during the cold months. Once the weather improves and the ground is thawing, they start digging closer to the surface. That’s why you’ll typically be alerted to a mole in your yard during spring and summer.

How Can You Control Moles in Your Yard?

There are many mole control suggestions found online, and some of them simply don’t work. If you need mole control, Grass Master is one of the few lawn care companies in Ohio that offers mole control products. We have the experience to diagnose mole damage. Then, we take the steps necessary to eliminate moles from your yard.

Grass Master offers two unique approaches to mole control.

The first option is a liquid mole control formula that’s 100 percent natural and non-hazardous. This mole control product is completely safe for children, pets and plants. While undetectable to humans, the odor of this product repels the moles.

The Grass Master Mole Control program involves six applications, to lawn and flower beds, every four to six weeks. If you’re looking for a mole control product that is safe for kids and pets, this is your answer.

Another option offered by Grass Master involves using small bait that mimics the mole’s primary food source, the earthworm. Once the moles find and ingest the bait, your mole problem is eradicated.

Grass Master trained technicians will meet with you, assess your damage and discuss your mole control options, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

If a mole is making a maze out of your yard, act now. Contact Grass Master today at 1-888-GREENER.

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