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How to Prevent and Kill Grubs

Imagine there’s an invisible enemy of your yard, destroying your grass from underground. Sounds terrible, right? It could be happening, in the form of small, caterpillar-like creatures called grubs.

What are grubs?

Grubs are beetle larvae. In Ohio, June beetles (sometimes called June bugs), May beetles and Japanese beetles are common pests. All begin as white, C-shaped grubs with six legs, which are typically an inch or less in length. After the grubs become adult beetles, they lay their own larvae in your yard. This is how the grub infestation cycle begins.

The trouble really starts, though, while they’re in the larvae stage. Beetle larvae feed on the grass roots, and this activity can quickly destroy your lawn, making grubs a formidable enemy to homeowners everywhere.

Luckily, you can save your lawn if you have a plan to prevent grubs and treat them when detected.

How can you tell if you have lawn grubs?

Since grubs do their damage below the surface, how do you know if you have lawn grubs? Some of the signs of lawn grubs include:

  • Brown patches of grass
  • Grass that appears off-color, grayish green or wilts rapidly in hot weather
  • Grass with a “spongy” feel to it, caused by tunneling grubs
  • Sections of grass that can be easily rolled up
  • Yellow, distressed-looking grass with damaged roots
  • An increase in predatory mammals that feed on grubs, such as raccoons, opossums and moles

You can read more about this type of insect identification here, in our insect identification section of the website.

If you suspect grubs in your lawn, you can always dig up a small section and look for the little pests. A few grubs are nothing to be concerned about, but if you see more than five grubs in one square foot of grass, you should take steps to eliminate them before they wreak havoc on your lawn.

How can you prevent grubs in your lawn?

There are a variety of preventative grub control products. These products are best applied in the spring, before the grubs have a chance to hatch or right after they hatch. At Grass Master, we know how to prevent grubs. We recommend grub control application anytime between March and June. Our precise formulas are selected to be most effective in controlling the grub population by preventing a damaging infestation.

How can you kill grubs in your lawn?

If you already have damaged grass and realize you have a grub infestation, Grass Master can help. We know how to kill grubs in your lawn. We offer a treatment for grub-infested grass that will act as a curative solution. With the proper application of product to kill grubs, we can restore the health of your lawn and save it from further damage.

Keep your grass healthy with Grass Master.

If you’re interested in having the healthiest grass and a beautiful lawn – without all the work – let the experts at Grass Master help. We offer our Deluxe Lawn Care Program, which includes six visits with the application of specific fertilizers designed to meet the needs of Ohio lawns at different cycles of the grass growth cycle, as well as other treatments such as crabgrass control.

Grass Master offers effective treatments to prevent and kill grubs in your lawn. Contact us to learn more.

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