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How to Deal with Lawn Drought Stress

Summer brings to mind sunny days and plush, green lawns. But sometimes that beautiful summer weather leaves ugly, dry, brown spots in your yard. What can you do to restore the health of your grass after a long, hot summer?

If the weather has been hot and dry, that combination of unrelenting heat and very little moisture can wreak havoc on even the best kept lawns. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to revive dry grass, treat brown spots and generally address the results of lawn drought.

What Are the Signs of Lawn Drought Stress?

Lawn drought is a common summer affliction for Ohio lawns. When there are periods of little rain, that leaves the soil and grass drier and more prone to heat damage. Lawn drought typically involves:

  • Burned out grass in the lawn, particularly where there is little shade and direct sunlight
  • Dry grass blades that are often crunchy underfoot
  • Dry soil surrounding the grass
  • Grass that is easily marred by foot traffic, mower wheels or blades
  • Areas where grass is thinning

The combination of sun-burned and stressed grass with a lack of moisture needs to be treated by addressing the health of the grass and the lack of water.

How to Avoid Lawn Drought Stress

The best way to aid your lawn during hot, dry summers is to water regularly and employ some summer lawn care tips.

  • Ensure your lawn gets at least one inch of water per week, either by rainfall or watering it yourself.
  • Look for early signs of dehydration, such as brown spots, thinning patches or shorter than normal grass.
  • Fertilize your lawn on a regular basis. A regular fertilization schedule can help keep your grass healthy, which enables it to withstand heat and drought better.

If you want to keep your lawn on an easy fertilization schedule, Grass Master can do that for you. With our Deluxe Lawn Care Program, you get six visits, starting in the spring and ending when the grass goes dormant in the fall. We’re the fertilization experts, so we know exactly how to treat your Northeast Ohio lawn.

How Can I Repair Lawn Drought Stress?

If your lawn is already experiencing lawn drought, there are several ways to treat the damaging effects of lawn drought stress.

  • Core aeration and overseeding: The process of core aeration is to make small holes in the lawn in regular intervals. This allows the grass roots to get the nutrients and water needed to revive them and allow for more growth. Overseeding, and fertilizer, helps promote this new grass growth. The result of this process can be fuller, healthier grass and a more beautiful lawn. The Grass Master offer core aeration and overseeding services.
  • Watering: Make sure to water in the early morning, so your grass has time to absorb the water before the heat of the day.

Grass Master Can Help

Maintaining your yard can be a lot of work. Why not let Grass Master handle it for you? We’re the fertilization experts, and we’ll help your grass stay healthy. When you do need treatments, such as core aeration and overseeding, we can handle that too!

Contact us to talk about what Grass Master can do for your lawn.

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