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What Do I Do About Bare Spots in My Lawn?

It happens to the best of us…one day you notice those dreaded brown or bare patches in your beautifully cared for lawn and wonder what to do. The best place to start is to try and find out the source of the problem to best treat it and get your grass back to its healthy green color.

Common Causes of Bald or Dead Spots

      Grubs and Yard Pests
  • If the brown patches easily pull away from the rest of your grass, Grubs could be to blame.  But don’t despair, we can fix that with our grub control treatment plan that will keep these pests out for good.

      Pet Urine
  • Our four-legged friends can sometimes leave brown spots and bald spots in the lawn after urinating frequently in an area.  This type of lawn damage can often be prevented by watering the area thoroughly afterwards, to minimize the grass burning effects.
      Too Much Fertilizer
  • Too much of a good thing can leave unsightly burns on your lawn that turn into dead patches.  Over application and spills can be easily fixed by applying extra water to the area before it has a chance to cause damage.
      Chemicals & Gasoline
  • Any toxic chemicals, pesticides, or gasoline can leave you with patches of missing grass.  If you notice spills early enough, a good thorough watering can sometimes save the day.  The best practice is to use these chemicals with care not to spill into your green grass.

Once I’ve Diagnosed the Problem, How Do I Fix the Bare Spots?

Filling in bare spots doesn’t have to be complicated, just a few steps can get your lawn back to normal.

If you have brown, dead turf it’s best to remove those areas first with a shovel to allow new grass seed to have direct contact with the dirt underneath. 

Adding a small amount of clean topsoil and raking any clumps out will set the stage for a sprinkling of grass seed.

Our guide to growing new grass has all the helpful tips you need to get things rolling.  Grass Master can also help your lawn look its fullest and greenest and do the work for you with our lawn overseeding service, that will fill in bare spots throughout your entire lawn.