Grass Master

Late Fall & Early Winter Lawn Care


Grass starts to slow its growth in November but may still require mowing until the first blanket of snow covers your lawn.  During this late fall period, you should cut your lawn shorter than usual by adjusting your mower height as low as possible without scalping your lawn.  This shorter lawn will let leaves and debris blow away and help to prevent snow mold and mole problems in the spring.

Clear Away Brush and Tree Limbs

Cutting and clearing away dead vegetation before it’s covered in snow can also prevent damage to your lawn and eliminate areas where rodents might build winter nests. Clearing away loose or storm damaged tree branches before heavy ice and snow falls could help prevent roof or garden damage later.

Winterizing Fertilizer

Winterizer is a high-nitrogen fertilizer designed to help your grass store more food and nutrients it needs to survive the winter and develop strong roots. Then, when the weather turns in the spring, your lawn will already have exactly it needs to quickly go from frozen to lush in a matter of days. Winterizer is not meant to help your grass grow (at least not right away), so we suggest applying it in November or early December when your grass is done growing for the year.

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