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Late Winter Lawn Care Tips

If you're from Akron, Canton or Cleveland, Ohio, you know that February and March are two of the longest months of the year (and February is only 28 days). We've already had a few months of winter, but the snow keeps falling. It may not feel like it, but spring is just around the corner and we have a few later winter lawn care chores to occupy your time until the weather turns.

Sharpen Your Blades

After a full season of use and a winter of rest, the blades on your lawn care equipment probably aren’t what they used to be. We recommend sharpening mower, clipper and weed wacker blades before spring arrives and they’ll return to heavy usage. This ensures your equipment will be up to the task of handling your yard’s needs, and you won’t need to scramble to do it at the last minute. 

Wash Away Salt Residue

Hose down your garage, driveway, sidewalk and even the edges of your lawn to ensure it’s salt free to start the spring. You might even want to wash off your lawn care equipment. There is so much salt used every winter, and it tends to end up on everything—even if it hasn’t been touched months.

Pick up Debris

You can turn this one into a fun game of pick up sticks with your children. But debris like leaves, sticks and even toys gets buried under the snow and sits on your grass all winter. An early snow melt is a great opportunity to remove debris from your lawn.

Avoid Excessive Traffic

It’s tempting to take the family out to play in the lawn for hours when the snow melts. But the ground is still very wet and grass is still dormant. Too much activity in one area could dig up your lawn or kill the grass.

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