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The Importance of Lawn Aeration

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Have you considered lawn aeration? You may be wondering if it’s worth it to aerate your lawn. Grass Master recommends aeration to improve the health of your grass. Here’s why.

What is Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of making small holes in the lawn, allowing beneficial air, water and nutrients to reach the grass roots. With lawn aeration, you remove small plugs, or cores, throughout your lawn.

What does Lawn Aeration do?

Aeration helps alleviate compacted soil and control thatch.

When your soil is compacted, the grass roots are shallow at the base, and the grass can’t get the needed nutrients to thrive. By relieving compacted soil, you allow healthier grass to take root and grow unrestricted.

Thatch is a combination of organic matter that accumulates around grass in a lawn, as a result of poor soil aeration and drainage. Too much thatch can result in disease and a less-than-optimal environment for grass growth.

What should you do after lawn aeration?

Aeration is typically followed by fertilization. It can also be followed by overseeding, providing you do that in the fall, not the spring. Overseeding in the spring can lead to an excess of weeds.

What time of year should you aerate your lawn?

At Grass Master, we recommend aerating your lawn in the early fall. We offer lawn aeration service as a special service, and we frequently pair this with overseeding. The combination of aeration and overseeding in the fall allows grass roots to take hold and nutrients to enter the soil before winter weather arrives.

If you’re interested in scheduling aeration services for your lawn or looking for lawn aeration service near you, contact Grass Master. We are scheduling now for fall aeration services.

We also offer our Deluxe Lawn Care Program, with six visits between spring and fall, to keep your lawn fertilized and in great condition.

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