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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Fall

Fall in Northeast Ohio is a beautiful time – the trees full of red, orange and yellow, hardy mums blooming and a cold snap in the air. For many, lawn care becomes less important. While it’s true you may not need to mow as often, neglecting your grass will affect its health and appearance.

To maintain your grass, you need to know how to prep your lawn in the fall. If you want to know what is included in fall grass maintenance, there are some tried-and-true recommendations.

Let’s look at the best fall lawn care tips for Northeast Ohio. 

Fall Lawn Prep

What is the best fall lawn treatment? For early fall, you will
probably continue mowing, as the warm weather keeps the grass growing. As we
enter late fall, you may be mowing less often, but that doesn’t mean you no
longer need to pay attention to your lawn.

In addition to mowing and raking leaves, your fall lawn prep should include fertilization and, ideally, overseeding and core aeration. Three steps can help strengthen your grass now, so it survives the winter, and emerges healthy in the spring.

  • Fertilize: Many people spring is the only time of year for fertilization. Truthfully, fall fertilization is an important step that can boost the health of your lawn so it can withstand the cold and freeze of winter.
  • Overseeding: Supplement your fertilization with overseeding for even better results. Overseeding helps fill in your grass, so there are no bare spots or straggly patches.
  • Core Aeration: When you combine core aeration with overseeding, you’ll get the best results. Core aeration is the process of making small plugs in the soil that allow air, water and nutrients to reach to root system of your grass.

Fall Fertilization

Why fertilize your lawn in the fall? Fall fertilization is an important step to boost your lawn’s health. By fertilizing in the fall, you help your grass to store nutrients that prepare it to grow lush and full in the spring.

The hot, dry summer heat can be hard on your grass. With a dose of fall fertilizer, you can help your grass roots remain strong. By fertilizing before your grass goes dormant in the winter, you feed the roots with everything they need. The roots store nutrients to help withstand the cold and ice, and in the spring, you’ll see healthier grass emerge.

At Grass Master, we’re the experts at lawn fertilization. As a Northeast Ohio company, we understand what cooler season lawns need, and you can trust our technicians to fertilize with only the best products.

Overseeding Your Lawn

Why should I put down grass seed in the fall? Fall is the optimal season for overseeding your lawn. There is enough warmth and moisture for the grass to grow. When you couple that with core aeration, you’re giving your lawn the best chance to thrive.

At Grass Master, we apply a weed-free mix of grass seed over your existing grass, to help you sustain a healthy lawn that looks great in the spring. We always recommend combining this process with core aeration for the best results. Our experience with Northeast Ohio grasses means we know exactly the right seed mix for best results.

Core Aeration Benefits

In the fall, you have optimal timing for core aeration. In the summer, the ground can be too dry. With the cooler fall temperatures, the ground is subject to less heat, so the plugs made in the core aeration process won’t dry out. Aerating your lawn in the fall gives your ground the best opportunity to benefit from the process, particularly when coupled with overseeding.

Fall Lawn Care Services

Grass Master offers expert care for creating and maintaining healthy lawns. Part of our best program includes fall fertilization. Our Deluxe Lawn Care Program provides year-round lawn care services.

With this program, you get lawn treatments, providing you with six timely fertilizations, including a balanced lawn fertilizer in September or October and a winterizing lawn fertilizer in November. When you pair this program with additional services such as aeration and overseeding, you give your lawn everything it needs to thrive.

Why Grass Master?

At Grass Master, we’re a Northeast Ohio born-and-bred company, so we understand the needs of the cool season grasses that grow here.

Grass Master can help you take the work out of maintaining your lawn with year-round treatments that are proven to work. We want you to have the best-looking lawn on the block!

Talk to us about our lawn care programs and our special services. We’ll help you find the right package to suit your needs and make lawn care one less worry.

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