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Fall Lawn Fertilization Tips

Fall is prime prep time for your lawn. With the right techniques, your lawn will weather the winter cold and emerge victorious in the spring.

Fertilizer Now Makes the Difference Later

Fall fertilizer is the biggest factor tipping the odds in your favor for a green lawn in the spring. Many people equate spring with fertilizer. While this period of growth is a great time to give your lawn a shot of nutrients, don’t neglect to fertilize in the fall as well.

Here are some fall fertilizing tips:

Root Rebuilding Is Key

Summer heat is hard on grass, and the roots can become damaged. A good fall fertilizer will help rebuild grass roots so they come back stronger in the spring.

Overseeding Supplements Your Fertilizer Treatments

To give your grass even more “oomph,” add overseeding. Grass Master uses overseeding to fill in thinning patches, leaving you with a fuller and healthier lawn. We apply a weed-free mix of grass seed over the existing grass.

Aeration Combines with Overseeding for Best Results

At Grass Master, we combine aeration and overseeding because the results are optimal when these services happen together. Core aeration allows air, water and nutrients to reach the root system of your grass, which makes it a perfect companion to overseeding.

If you want to give your lawn the best opportunity to thrive next year, contact Grass Master to ask about our Deluxe Lawncare Program. Fall fertilization is just one of the services included in this year-around lawn care maintenance package.

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