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Why Fertilize Your Lawn in the Summer?

Everyone wants their home to have summer curb appeal, with a plush, green lawn. Many homeowners fertilize in the spring; prepping their grass for the season. But they overlook the benefits of fertilizing in the summer, which can be a crucial step to ensure a beautiful lawn. 

Summer Lawn Fertilization Benefits

Summer lawn care can be tricky. With heat and drought, it can be hard to keep your grass green in the summer. Brown spots can appear and grass can start to look bedraggled and sparse. Even if you regularly water your lawn, it can use the nutrients only fertilizer can supply.

When summer lawn conditions begin to affect the appearance of your grass, fertilization offers a healthy boost. Fertilization feeds the roots and improves the health of grasses, allowing them to better fend off stressors like summer heat, foot traffic and lack of rain.

The key is knowing when to apply the fertilizer, so the grass receives the most benefit. It’s also important to understand the needed components for the best summer lawn fertilizer.

Grass Master Deluxe Lawn Care Program

At Grass Master, we know exactly when and how to fertilize Northeast Ohio lawns. Our fertilization schedule and products are designed to benefit the cool season grass found in this area. With our Deluxe Lawn Care Program, we apply a balanced lawn fertilizer twice during the summer, at intervals determined by our expert technicians assessment of your lawn.

“We select our summer grass fertilizer based on our knowledge of what Northeast Ohio lawns need to thrive,” says Matt Ellis of Grass Master. “We have years of experience, so we can offer our customers the best lawn care advice from our team of trained technicians. We believe we offer the best lawn fertilizer for summer as part of our summer lawn care schedule through the Deluxe Lawn Care Program.”

With the right summer lawn fertilizer, applied at the right time, your lawn can remain healthy despite months of heat. Our summer lawn treatments also include broadleaf weed control and surface insect control.

If you want to keep your lawn looking its best during the summer months, why not let the experts at Grass Master handle it? We provide the best care for your lawn, and you get to enjoy it! Read more about our Deluxe Lawn Care Program.

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