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Fall Lawncare in Ohio

If you’re committed to having a beautiful lawn, follow these Ohio fall lawncare tips. You can achieve a healthy-looking lawn by giving it what it needs at the right time. With some lawncare basics, and some extra attention, your Ohio lawn can be beautiful well into the fall, and come back next spring, stronger than ever.

Fall Lawncare Tips

When fall arrives, many Ohioans think lawn care season is winding down. After months of keeping our lawns properly watered and mowed, and having fertilized and nurtured the grass, we might think most of the lawn care is done. The truth? Fall lawncare can help give your lawn the edge in being green and lush, adding that curb appeal you crave. The right lawncare treatments now can make the difference in your lawn next spring.

If you’re wondering, should I fertilize in the fall (yes) or what lawn treatments are appropriate in the fall, we’ve got answers.

Here are some fall lawncare habits than you should incorporate in your quest for a beautiful Ohio lawn.

How to Fertilize in the Fall

When should I fertilize my lawn? Fall fertilizer can give the boost your lawn needs to weather the winter and come back strong in the spring. Many people think spring is the only time to fertilize. The truth is, a well-fertilized lawn is a regime and it includes spring, summer and fall applications. Grass Master offers lots of fall fertilization tips here.

Fall fertilization helps roots rebuild after the heat of summer. Fall fertilizer helps strengthen them. If you want to use the right fertilizer for your lawn, Grass Master is the expert on Northeast Ohio lawncare.

Overseeding and Core Aeration Can Give Your Lawn a Boost

Fall is the perfect time for core aeration and overseeding your Ohio lawn. These two processes work best together, and Grass Master recommends combining the two in the fall when conditions best support it.

Fall gives you the perfect combination of warm soil and cool weather. These are ideal conditions for grass growth. And while grass grows well in the fall, weeds don’t. Most weed growth takes place in the summer. By choosing fall for core aeration and overseeding, you’re picking the best time to encourage the grass you want without the weeds that you don’t.

So how does overseeding and core aeration work?

How Core Aeration Works

Core aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil throughout your lawn. This alleviates compacted soil and thatch. (Thatch is comprised of dead stems, leaves and live roots that can build up and inhibit grass growth.) With core aeration, a machine removes plugs throughout your lawn, allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the root zone of your grass. 

When core aeration is a regular part of your lawn maintenance program, you’ll have stronger grass roots and a healthier lawn.

How Overseeding Works

Core aeration is best when paired with overseeding, which consists of adding a layer of grass seed to an existing lawn. At Grass Master, we use a high-grade formulation of weed-free grass mix for overseeding. This practice helps fill in bare and thinning patches throughout the lawn, leaving it looking fuller and promoting a better grass variety.

If you’re interested in core aeration and overseeding, or year around lawn care packages, contact Grass Master today.

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